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With Our Toy Organizer Your bathroom Will Look Better Then ever

toy Organizer

baby toy organizer

Is it difficult for you to Keep your bathroom organize ?
Are your kids bath Toys thrown all over the bathroom?
Would you like to take care of those problems once and for all?
well here is the Toy organizer a simple solution that works


About the Toy Organizer

KEEP YOUR BATH ROOM ORGANIZED: the toy organizer net Maintains your tub beautiful as well as clean. No more babies toys all around the bathroom , no more mess, everything is going to be in one place, nice and clean and dry and ready for using. Re-washable net. Easy to wash and dry. the children’s bath toy storage is most suitable for smooth surfaces like porcelain tile, glass and mirror.

FIVE BONUSES ADDED WITH THE BATHTUB TOY ORGANIZER: One extra mesh for your second bathroom ,with two extra strong suction hooks with very good suction power, Three eBooks ” kids bath time activities, Potty Training Guide and After School Activities for Kids and Teens, eBooks will be delivered separately.

THE BATH TOY ORGANIZER: is (17in x 14in) and it is made from 100% polyester, and will hold up to 5 lbs. the bath toy organizer net permits you to put each and every one of your children toys and shampoo bottles inside. TIP: After you put the toys or shampoo bottles inside the bath organizer net, utilize the shower water hose to wash down any soap left on the toys or bottles , which will keep your toys more clean and mold free.

NET: keep mold away from your baby’s toys and shampoo bottles. Simply place the wet toys inside the mesh and then just allowed the water to drip and dry without having to worrier about MOLD accumulation on them. Helps to keep your baby Protected from Harmful bacteria. Suggestion: you should squeeze the baby toys for access water that could be inside the toys then simply store them in the baby toy ¬†for future use, the toys will be clean and dry.

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